Kasetsart University has targeted and developed to be the “Knowledge of the Land” University with a strong, continuous and sustainable and linkage to the agricultural sciences, which are the fundamental of the university by combining with the introduction of the science of the king, the community, and the universal sciences to Integrate academic creativity and lead to a leading university. One of the major goals in physics is to develop into a green university with a focus on internal transport policy which helps students and personnel reduce personal car and motorcycles use on campus travel. By limiting the number of cars and motorcycles pass through the university is an important factor in reducing carbon emissions. Therefore, the transportation system policy has been set up on campus by providing service buses and trams for students, personnel and visitors to facilitate travel for free and also to reduce the use of cars inside the university. This will help alleviate traffic jams and limit parking areas in the university as well as reducing air and noise pollution.
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